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Eco-Crates – Eco-Friendly, Reusable, Stackable, Plastic Moving Boxes

AmeriMove is dedicated to using our state-of-the-art Eco-Crates (similar to Bungobox) to reduce paper waste, leaving as light an ecological footprint as possible on our environment. We lead by example in the responsible use and care of our resources. Eco-Crates are sturdy plastic moving boxes that fill and stack easily. They do not need tape to close and seal; they are reusable; they never need to be cut open; and they eliminate waste post-move. Eco-Crates are great general-purpose boxes for packing up your office or home.

Benefits of Eco-Crates

Minimize wasted space with efficient stacking capabilities of plastic moving bins:

  • Eco-Crates stack 4 high, maximizing use of the vertical truck or AMPS space that often goes empty.
  • With 3 cubic feet of storage space and a 70-pound weight limit, fewer Eco-Crates are needed than conventional boxes.
  • No need to worry about boxes shifting during transport

Eco-Crates are made of durable plastic:

  • Eco-Crates are crush-proof
  • No more worrying about cardboard boxes being crushed or warping
  • Eco-Crates are weatherproof
  • No more worrying about your cardboard boxes absorbing rain
  • Reuse them!
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Eco-Crates are stackable, reusable moving boxes perfect for local moves. Ask us about them today!

With a specially-molded dolly for easy moving, pack Eco-Crates without having to pick up a box and load more with this amazing system:

  • Place an empty Eco-Crate onto the dolly
  • Fill the Eco-Crate with your packed goods
  • Close the lid
  • Place the next empty Eco-Crate on top of the closed one
  • Fill and repeat!

Moving files? Eco-Crates are fitted with hanging file rails, perfect when packing up the home office or work place. Be sure to look at some of the other packing supplies that we provide for moves here in Florida.

The savings are enormous:

  • no back strain
  • no wasted time packing
  • efficient use of space for your truck or AMPS
  • no need for tape
  • eliminate time wasted on box-building
  • no trash

Save Time and Money with AmeriMove’s Eco-Crates!

Forget about needing tape to seal up your moving boxes. Our eco-friendly crates are specially reinforced and contain tie holes for sealing them with locks or zip ties. This makes our Eco-Crates significantly more secure than a taped up cardboard box.

Also remember that by using our Eco-Crates, you will not be adding anything more to the landfills here in Florida. Each Eco-Crate is completely recyclable. There are some limitations when it comes to using these for local moves in Tallahassee, so please call us at 850-656-7100 for more details.

**Eco-Crates are currently unavailable for long-distance moves.**

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